Onward & Upward

We are three hardcore Marvelians & fabric fanatics driven by the urge to create a line of active wear which fits your body like second skin, of course besides turning the world into a marvel universe..! For us, active wear isn’t just a piece of clothing. It is an intersection of aesthetics, fashion, ergonomics & comfort.

Stan Lee was not only the pioneer & creator of the world’s biggest superhero universe, but also an unyielding optimist and prolific creator, who believed in the very essence of ‘excelsior’ – his iconic tail end – meaning ever upward. Our mission is to kindle the spirit of Stan Lee and his staple sign-off – Excelsior – by not only naming our brand after it as an acronym ‘XLCR’, but also imbibing the spirit of this Latin phrase meaning ‘continuous excellence’ in what we do, and how we do it.


To be the torchbearer of size-inclusive active fashion-wear in the Indian terrain; to innovate, inspire, and imbibe a culture of perfection and quality for all, at the highest degree.


To create a line of upscale & sustainable active wear, that are truly Indian & broad-spectrum, in terms of price, fashion, and comfort.

To be the go-to brand for low-maintenance, cost-efficient, and performance-driven active/sportswear made in India, for Indian.

XLCR designs unique & authentic Indian active wear for fitness pros and amateurs alike, to up your game, in cross fit session & lazy couch lounging.

What We
Do ?

Triple Blend Fabric for Infinite Performance

Workouts are already hard, at least for some of us. That is why we created a unique and premium blend of softest fabrics designed to perform as well or better than you. Make the most of your heavy weight sessions, without the worry of sweat patches & odor so that you don’t have to cancel that date post workout…! Just another magic of our iconic, premium triple blend fabric..!

Weaved from a mix of exclusive and hand-picked fabrics, this active wear is so bent on getting you active and staying odor-free, with zero abrasion, and infinite ease of movement.

Outlive the World

No matter your workout lasts long or short, this active wear is designed to sustain all kinds of odds for a long, really long time, so much so that it can be passed on like legacy to the grandchild…!

PS: We are not exaggerating…Just may be slightly, because we are still going to be around to make cutting edge designs for the grandchild as well…!

Truly Indian Brand at Truly Indian Price

Being frugal is wise, and none are as wise as us Indian folks. Economy class is our go-to travel option, not because we can’t afford the rest, but we choose not to, simply because we are all for things that serve the purpose & are pocket-friendly.

So, cost becomes a factor while making smart, efficient, & sustainable active wear for daily use for the True Blue Indian, and we take willful, deliberate efforts to provide higher quality all-inclusive active wear at comparatively affordable costs.

We breathe, think and speak affordable when it comes to price, as compared to our peers.

Green & Clean

We hate plastic. Be it in raw material or human form. We keep it real here, including the packaging which is made from recycled paper. Plastic is not just our thing, and it shouldn’t be yours too.

Equal Opportunity

We love our work, and we want our people to love it as much as we do. We are therefore an equal opportunity employer, driven by ethical manufacturing, worker protection, and environment-friendly production at our internationally certified factory.